Holt Park Budgerigars

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Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

BS - PE697    YBS - YP524 - ASBS - PO13


Welcome to my web site.

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I will be adding more content to the site as things progress in 'My Little Shed' and please dont forget to put a comment on the Guestbook page.

Catch Up

It's been a while since I added anything to my website what with one thing and another. I suppose I could blame it on my health or on the fact that I was busy with the Budgerigar Exhibitors Forum (BEF) or with losing our Border Collie 'Scamp' rather suddenly and getting another Border Collie pup called 'Mac'. Indeed there are lots of things I could blame for not upadating the site regularly but it simply is down to me being too involved in other things..... I MUST try harder!!

My Foundation Allwood and Bird

Light Green Cock


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