Holt Park Budgerigars

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Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

BS - PE697    YBS - YP524 - ASBS - P10


Welcome to my web site

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I will be adding more content to the site as things progress in 'My Little Shed'.

Catch Up

It's been a while since I added anything to my website what with one thing and another.

I suppose I could blame it on my health or on the fact that I was busy with the Budgerigar Exhibitors Forum (BEF) http://budgerigarexhibitors.boards.net/ or with losing our Border Collie 'Scamp' rather suddenly and getting another Border Collie pup called 'Mac'.

Indeed there are lots of things I could blame for not upadating the site regularly but it simply is down to me being too involved in other things like writing and publishing 'The Ultimate Budgerigar Quiz'..... I MUST try harder!!

My Foundation Allwood and Bird

Light Green Cock


Originally developed for a PowerPoint® presentation to Leeds Budgerigar Society members, ‘The Ultimate Budgerigar Trivia Quiz’ has been made into a 42 page booklet containing 200 Budgerigar and bird related questions and answers.

Remember this was devised for entertainment purposes only, with questions such as;


 What is the definition of the term ‘Mutation’?


Is it possible for a Budgerigar to catch the common cold from humans?


How many vertical bars are there on a Standard Budgerigar Society show cage front?


The Ultimate Budgerigar Trivia Quiz’ is an ideal present for the Budgerigar enthusiast who wants to expand their general knowledge of Budgerigars (and look good at Quiz Nights) or for Clubs and Societies who are considering putting together a ‘Quiz Night’ for members.


It is up-to-date with some questions and answers referencing the Official Rules of the Budgerigar Society 2019 and to the best of the author’s knowledge the questions asked and answers given are correct or where known have been corrected.


Please Note: ‘The Ultimate Budgerigar Trivia Quiz’ should not be construed in any way as a treatise for the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of Budgerigars. It was written for entertainment, and where any ambiguity exists with an answer it is recommended that the answer in question be further investigated to resolve the matter.


  This is a must have for the serious Budgerigar enthusiast and local Clubs and Societies.

£3.50 + £1.50 p&p

Contact me for details



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