Holt Park Budgerigars

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I feel that it is paramount for the birds health and wellbeing for them to have as varied a diet as possible, below are the dietary elements of my feeding regime


The basic mix I use is Country Wide Special Budgie Mix or 50/50 Budgie Mix which consists of,

Canary Seed
White Millet
Red Millet

When I can obtain it,

RWP Mix with 19 different seeds;

White millet
Japanese millt
Red dari
White dari
Red millet
Sunflower hearts
Vam pellets
Grass seed
Yellow millet
Garden cress
Wild carrot seed
Radish seed
Clover seed
Spinach seed
Poppy seed
Niger seed
Brown perilla
Onion seed
Rape seed

If I can't get RWP Mix I use Country Wide British Finch Mix which I give as with the RWP
Country Wide British Finch Mix


       Canary Seed

      Naked Oats 

      Black Rapeseed

      Red Millet


      Red Rapeseed

      Heathseed Mix (Carrot, Radish, Cress, Grass, Spinach, Turnip, Onion, Blue Maw, Rapeseed, Perilla Brown, Red & White    

      Millet, Nigerseed)

      Hemp seed

      Niger seed

      Chicory Seed

      Lettuce Seed

       Oil Dressing.

Country Wide Parakeet & Cockatiel Mix

Yellow millet

red millet

naked oats

canary seed

black sunflower

panicum millet

small sunflower






oil dressing.


Country Wide Budgie Tonic Mix

Japanese Millet

Panicum Millet

Naked Oats

Red Millet, Linseed

White Millet, 

Golden Pleasure Seed,


Aniseed Oil

Oil Dressing

The WRP Mix or Finch Mix,  Parakeet & Cockatiel Mix and Tonic Seed Mix are mixed together at a rate of 1:2:1 and approximately ½ cup is added to the daily soft food mix


A dish containing the above mix is also given daily in the flight

I also provide soaked or dry naked oats daily with soaked seed given occasionally

Good quality Red or White millet sprays are given on an 'ad-hoc' basis

Each cage has its own 'feeding station' with stainless steel dishes; one each for for  grit,  soft food and the general seed mix

This station has the original plastic type dishes which have now been replaced with stainless steel


The birds are fed soft food and vegetables with additives twice daily

My soft food mix consists of;




Fresh Greens (kale or spring green)



All above are put through a food processor

Frozen Sweetcorn defrosted and added

Perle Morbine (soaked)


Dried Hedgerow Herds (Dodson & Horell)

Versele Laga Classic Egg Food (Moist}


Crushed Weetabix

Hemp Seed

Porridge Oats

Himalayan Rock Salt (through grinder)


2 capfuls of Trapping Oil are added to the vegetable mix before this is added to the soaked Naked Oats

Soaked Naked Oats are added before the mix is given to the birds



A natural grass seed, Foniopaddy is grown in plantations in Uganda, it is claimed the seed gives a natural, non-chemical treatment and preventative against coccidiosis which can cause a range of problems for birds including diarrhoea, weight loss, poor appetitive, prolonged illness and death in the young


This is occasionally fed as an addition in the softfood mix



At every Monday evening I give a pinch between finger and thumb of Flaked Wheatgerm which is a natural source of vitamin E and Folic Acid. It is sprinkled on top of each dish of the softfood/vegetqable mix


 The drinkers are washed and disinfected EVERY three days when I also change the contents as detailed below;


I live in an area where the water is very highly Chlorinated and therefore I put the tap water for soaking oats and for the birds to dring through a filter

Plain filtered water is given for three days then additives for the next three days between changes


I have been trying out a solution of water and 100% Natural Orange Juice

It seems to be going okay with the birds readily taking this.

The dilution rate I am using is 10ml per litre


Apple Cider Vinegar I believe alters the ph of the crop and will combat yeast and becterial growth in the crop which leads to a condition known as ‘sour crop’. It also acts as a mild disinfectant in low dosage


I use it at a dilution rate of 30ml to 3 litres of plain water (6 pint milk carton)



When I was first in the hobby over 40 years ago Vanodine V18 Iodine Complex Disinfectant was used extensively as there were few safe alternatives available

It will kill avian flu, tuberculosis, egg drop pathogen, viruses, bacteria and fungus on contact and also eliminates Salmonella, Fowl Cholera, E.Coli. Vanodine can also be used to clean soiled surfaces

The dilution rate I use is to make the solution is as I was told over 40 years ago by a well known breeder of that time 'Phil Keep' - to make it the colour of weak 'pee'. I use a 3 litre (6 pint milk carton) and shake this well


Since reading about the natural antibiotic properties of Manuka Honey I have been using it in the drinking water every 18 days (6 water changes)  There are also some breeders who say that the use of the Manuka Honey makes the cock birds significantly more amorous

The method of making up the solution is one heaped teaspoon of Manuka Honey melted in a small amount of hot water then added to 3 litres of plain water (6 pint milk carton). which has been left for 3 days for any chemicals to dissipate and shaken well


This is a powdered vitamin supplement with increased D3 for use in water or added to foods

It contains all 12 essential vitamins that are required for a balanced diet in birds as well as an increase level of vitamin D3 to support birds that have insufficient access to natural sunlight

Vitamin D3 is a particularly important nutrient that birds housed indoors may lack and which can lead to poor breeding success and chick growth, inadequate calcium absorption and many other problems


Vydex Entrodex Health Supplement is a probiotic containing guaranteed viable friendly bacteria. At 4.5 billion viable cells of enterococcus faecium per gramme

It  enhances the birds dietary energy intake and strength. This formula of vitamins A, D and B complex, electrolytes and carbohydrates comes in an easy-to-administer, soluble form.

 Excellent source of Enterococcus Faecium, Trace Minerals and Vitamins for Animals and Birds.

Add one teaspoon (5g) to one litre of fresh, clean drinking water. Alternatively, add one teaspoon per 500g of moistened food.


Vydex Carbosol Health Supplement is a soluble, slow release energy booster, ideal for equine, avian and canine use in the days preceding a race, or at times of high energy demand.

Carbosol is a premium carbohydrate loading soluble, an energy booster with added benefits from the inclusion of Creatine and Carnitine.

I add 10g per litre of drinking water during showing, breeding, moulting and sickness.


Ascorbitive Vitamin C Health Supplement is a concentrated dietary booster. It is specifically designed to enhance the daily nutritional intake of your  bird in a convenient, easy-to-administer, soluble form.

It can be used to good effect on its own, or complemented by Vydex Entrodex nutritional supplement.

  • Effectively supplements your animal’s daily diet
  • Soluble – easy to administer

Ingredients (per kilogram):

– BP grade Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 120,000 mg
– Dextrose Monohydrate; orange flavor
– No artificial coloring, antioxidants or preservatives

Add 5g (one teaspoon) to 1L of fresh, clean drinking water. Alternatively, add 5g to 450g of moistened food.


Iodine blocks
Murphy's Minerals
Versele Laga Columbine Vita Vitamins & Minerals

are all available to the birds at all times.

A large block of Himalayan Rock Salt is placed in the flight and available at all times