Holt Park Budgerigars

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My Little Shed

My  intention when coming back into the hobby was   to only breed a few birds purely for my own pleasure.

The  choice of shed was therefore based on this presumption  and as I only have a 'postage stamp' of a garden I settled for an 8'x6' tongue and groove pent roof style.

Things didn't stay that way though as Mick decided that I needed more space and promptly set about building the panels for a extension and the shed is now 12' x 6'.

And of course I helped where I
could and gave some support

I have a 6' x 3' inside half flight with sliding dividers that give access to the top two

sets of the treble breeding cages when these are not in use.

I reduced the number of breeding cages in the shed to a more manageable 15 of which 9 are in a block of 3 x 3 wooden cages with dividers.

I also have six all wire cages which are set up as breeding cages and can be used all year round if needed.

Another 3 all wire cages are used as 'baby cages' when required.

I am a great advocate in the use of weaning cages and I have on occasions had four of these in use in the shed. at the same time.

At the first sign of either parent being aggressive I place youngsters in the cage where they can be fed through the cage bars.

These cages also double as baths for the flight.