Holt Park Budgerigars

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For me the keeping of accurate records is of paramount improtance in the breeding of exhibition budgerigars.

Without having records available you are unable to check on the parentage of the birds to check on their relationship when paired, how the birds combine (what we often refer to as 'click(ing)'), mating records, any siblings, progeny, the breeding performance, show performance and of course a current record of each pair with a Nest Record Card.

All my records are kept on computer with a daily back up on a laptop, external hard drive and flash drive.

By clicking on any individual button I am hyperlinked to the corresponding secction of the records and throughout the records individual parts are also hyperlinked e.g by clicking on the cage number on a Nest Record Card this will take me to that Current Nest Record where the day to day information is located. Likewise by clciking on the Identification Number on the Individual Stock Record card this will take me to that birds Pedigree Record etc.
Every bird that is assigned an Identification Number has it's own Individual Record Card which as can be seen below details everything apart from it's pedigree that is needed to be known about that particular bird.


The Pedigree Record is an invaluable tool for checking on the parentage of an individual bird, particularly if line breeding is being used.


It is surprising how many times a foundation bird will appear in the lineage of your birds, but the only way you will know this is if accurate Pedigree Records are kept.


My Pedigree Records go back four generations, plus other records will show even further generations.

The Nest Record Card is used to keep a permanent record of the breeding pairs, whereas the Current Nest Records keep an on-going record and are changed whenever another pair is used in that cage.

As can be seen details of the cock and hen are identified along with when eggs are laid, when they are due to hatch, when/if they hatch, if they were fostered and to where, ring numbers. The last two details are hyperlinked to either the nest where the eggs/young are fostered to or the Young Stock List.

The Nest Record Card is also hyperlinked to the Cage Record Index and the Eggs Due Chart.

Any notes appertaining to the pair or the chicks e.g. 'Poor Feeders' - 'Attack Youngsters etc'can be added to the record for future reference.
As each egg is laid this is recorded as being due 18 days after this date.

By using a colour and letter code for when the eggs are due, when they hatch, if they did not survive (DNS) or if the eggs were clear, cold or failed to hatch (FTH) details of every egg are made readily available.

By using superscript and subscript I can even identify the ring number and ( ) where any egg/chick has been fostered.